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Step 0: Download and Install

Head on over to the download page to download and install the correct version of Scrumsheet for your platform.

If you've already purchased a license key, visit the app's Settings / Buy Scrumsheet section to activate your copy of Scrumsheet.

Step 1: Connect to Google

First, visit the Settings / Connect to Google Drive section. All the app's data is stored in a Google Sheet, so you must maintain your connection to the Google API.

Click the Sign In To Google button, being sure to select the Google account whose Drive workspace you want to use for your Scrumsheet project.

Step 2: Create a Project

Next, visit Settings / Select Google Sheet. If you're starting a new Scrumsheet project, it's easiest to let the app create a new Google Sheet for you by clicking "Create New".

Note: You can always change the name of the file, or move it into a folder, in Google Drive later!

Click the newly-created file and make sure the icon appears next to it.

Step 3: Create Your User

You should now see a few more items in the menu bar.

Click on Project / People, then click on the icon next to the search box.

Add your information to the form that appears, and click the Create Person button.

Visit Settings / Set up User and select yourself as the default app user.

Tip: you can now open your worksheet file in Google Drive and you'll see yourself in the "People" worksheet!

Step 4: Your First Story

You should now see a New Sprint button at the bottom of the window. Click it.

You've just created your first sprint! Now click Sprint 1 in the left-menu.

Click the icon next to backlog, and create your first story.

Tip: drag a story to a different column to update its status; single-click a story to show/hide its description; double-click a story to edit it.

Step 5: Inviting Teammates

Inviting a teammate to your project is easy! Simply share the Google Sheet with them, making sure to give them Edit permission.

Step 6: Opening a Shared File

Sharing a project with a teammate is easy, but opening a shared project may involve a few steps.

First, if the recipient doesn't have the Scrumsheet Google App installed, they should install that first. Installing this adds a "Open with Scrumsheet" option to Google Sheets in the web UI.

Then, the recipient should open the shared sheet in Google Drive, clicking the Open With / Scrumsheet option on the file.