Privacy Notice

This document describes how your data is used by Scrumsheet.


  • "Scrumsheet" refers to the entirety of the project, app and website included.
  • "Scrumsheet App" or "the App" refers to the downloadable Scrumsheet App product.
  • "Scrumsheet Website" or "the Website" refers to the server that powers the app's homepage and licensing and purchasing system.
  • "The developer" refers to Burak Kanber, the individual proprietor of Scrumsheet.

We Never Sell Your Data

Your data will never be "sold" to any third party. Some of your data may be shared with third parties for the purposes of making the App work. For instance, if you purchase an App license, your email address will be shared with Stripe Billing, the App's payment provider.

Data the App Collects

The App does not collect any personally identifiable data. However, the App may collect the following data from you:

  • License Key: if you purchase a license for the App via the Website, the App will store and validate your license key with periodic requests to the Website.
  • Google Authorization: if you sync your App to Google, the App will remember your Google "access token" and "refresh token"

Data the Website Collects

The Website has two purposes: to market the App to you, and to manage your Account and App Licenses.

The Website uses Google Analytics for the purposes of improving the quality of the website.

If you create an account on the Website, the Website will store your email address, name, and an encrypted hash of your password.

If you purchase a license for the App, your payment details will be transmitted to Stripe for the purposes of billing you.

Other Uses of Your Data

You may interact with the Developer or Scrumsheet outside of the official App or Website. For example, you may use our Reddit forum in order to seek support or assistance.

Any information or data given freely to the Developer or Scrumsheet in this manner may be used to communicate with your or make improvements to the App or Website.

If, for example, you leave a feature request on a Reddit forum, Scrumsheet may freely use that information that you shared. Similarly, if you leave a contact email address in a Tweet, Scrumsheet may use that information to contact you.

Questions or Concerns

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns regarding your privacy.