A light and fast scrum app that syncs to Google Sheets.
For MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

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Scrumsheet in Action

Full Scrum Workflow in One App

Scrumsheet turns a single Google Drive Spreadsheet into a full scrum project. Stories, Daily Standups, and Sprint Retros are just tabs in a spreadsheet — or are they? Scrumsheet wraps a beautiful UI around your data.

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Syncs to Google Sheets

Scrumsheet is a "serverless" app. All the data the app needs is stored in a single Google Sheet.

That means you can easily read and edit, import or export, the app's core data, giving you complete control.

Or, the luddite on your team can work directly in Google Sheets while the rest of you use Scrumsheet!

Spreadsheet view
Scrumsheet using Google Sheet as a database
Scrumsheet standups
Scrumsheet manages standups

Manages Daily Standups

Scrumsheet guides you through every part of the Scrum process, starting with the daily standup.

Designed to work with your team, Scrumsheet allows each team member to write their own standup, or allows the Scrum Master to write entries for everyone if your team prefers an in-person standup meeting.

Retros Close the Feedback Loop

Each team member finishes their sprint by writing a retrospective. Scrumsheet records the responses as well as metrics on number of points assigned and completed.

Since you have access to the Google Sheet behind the app, you can create your own charts and reports using Scrumsheet's data!

Scrumsheet retros
Scrumsheet recording retros
Scrumsheet sprint planning
Sprint planner tool

Sprint Planner for New Sprints

The sprint planning tool gives you an intuitive interface to start brainstorming the next sprint.

Easily copy old, incomplete tasks to the new sprint's backlog, while also reviewing recent retros for important items that should be included.

Discussion and Sharing by Google

What's a scrum app without a discussion system? Scrumsheet uses the Google Drive Comments API to manage all your discussions!

Comments on stories or discussion threads simply appear as comments in the spreadsheet. Respond either in Google Sheets or in Scrumsheet!

Similarly, sharing access to your scrum project is as easy as using Google Drive's sharing tools.

Comments powered by Google Sheets
Discussion via Google Drive